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Iles De Palmes


Our journey took us to Anse Takamaka, on Praslin Island. After 20 minutes of coastal drive in the comfort of our private car, the chauffeur gallantly opened the door to our accommodation in the Seychelles, Iles de Palmes Eco Resort. We had the choice of picking out 1 of their 18 cozy beach bungalows that have been scattered over 180 acres of nature.

It was evident that the owners had gone a long way to preserve the natural and historical heritage of the establishment. Curiosity pushed us to find out more about this breathtaking sanctuary. Aside from being the engine of agriculture back in the day, the property remains an ongoing treasure site with on and off diggings headed by one famous living treasure hunter.

Continuous efforts are being made to ensure Iles des Palmes Eco Resort remains true to its name. They have now opted for a 100% natural mineral treatment that kills algae and bacteria in their swimming pool. For smooth and moist skin, dip into the heavenly pool and experience the difference.To all eco-tourism lovers, if you are looking for unmatched privacy in a place where justice for nature has prevailed, Ile des Palmes Eco Resort is the place to be in the Seychelles…

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