Lospitalite Lafyerte Sesel


1st October,2022 –  The first Lospitalite Service Excellence Award took place on 1st October, and we are ecstatic to have won first place in the Tourism Business Category: Tour Operator!

Attended by CEO Guillaume Albert and Head of E-Commerce, Brigitte Santache, it is a monumental acknowledgement of the successful implementation of CREOLE 2.0.: the company wide tactical scheme to refine and rejuvenate our products, services and modus operandi to bring Creole Travel Services to new heights.

In attendance as well were our Lospitalite People’s Choice Award nominees, Skipper Eddie Desnousse and Destination Specialist Gary Charles.

Our 2023 Nominees

World Ocean Day

08th June 2023 – In honor of World Ocean Day, CREOLE sponsored a rack of 10 Corals through Marine conservation society Seychelles (MCSS). This initiative aims to support the conservation and preservation of coral reefs, recognizing their vital role in the health and biodiversity of our oceans.
As part of our commitment to environmental education, we organized a special event for Creolekids to learn about the importance of corals in the ocean. The children had the opportunity to learn about the significance of coral reefs as habitats for marine life, the threats they face, and the actions we can take to protect them. Through this activity, we hope to inspire the next generation to become stewards of our oceans and advocate for sustainable practices.
We would like to express our gratitude to Hilton Northolme for their warm hospitality and support during this sustainable event. Their commitment to sustainability aligns with our own values, and together we strive to create a positive impact on the environment and the communities in Seychelles.

Earth Day

22 April, 2023 – Team Creole shared this year’s theme “Let’s Invest In Our Planet“, with our Creole Kids of Bel Eau School’s Lospitalite Club, by planting new trees on the school grounds.

The plants were sponsored by our generous project partner, Seychelles Biodiversity Centre of Seychelles Parks & Gardens, who provided 10 endemic species that the children can further learn about as they grow.

Mr. Doodee, their Senior Horticulturist, was present to teach us about the different species and how to care for them… an educational experience for all of us, especially as Seychellois are avid home gardeners!

Autism Awareness Fun Run

15th April, 2023 – CREOLE was proud to support Autism Seychelles’ Fun Run that took place at the Fitness Trail at Roche Caiman.

We were joined by our Bel Eau Primary #CreoleKids from our adopted school under the Lospitalite program, in hopes of imparting the importance of community support to those who are in need.

Team Creole joined the event to help bring awareness to the Austism Month of April. We were also happy to be able to contribute a monetary sum to further our support to the cause, especially towards the completion of their center in north Mahé island.

To all families and friends, we wish you all a happy Autism Awareness month!


Creole Kids Visit Silhouette Island

17th March 2023 – Team Creole joined our CreoleKids from Bel Eau Primary School on a trip to Silhouette Island on Friday 17th March, graciously hosted by our partner Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort & Spa.

CREOLE has been the “adoptive parent” of the state school’s Tourism Club since 2022 under the nationwide Lospitalite Campaign, which aims to promote the destination through a high standard of service delivery. Under our tutelage, we hope to impart and inspire within the future young leaders our shared knowledge, passion and zest for our unique country and the major tourism industry that helps to sustain it.

As we did last year, we take every opportunity to involve the children on interactive educational experiences by accompanying us on the field by taking them out to nearby islands, marine parks, or organized events so that they may learn directly from our team members.

This time around, we accompanied them to Silhouette where our own Tour Guide Trainer extraordinaire, Madeleine Farabeau, took us on a guided tour on a one of its nature trails. The children learnt of its natural uniqueness as the eroded remnant of a large volcanic edifice and historical relevance. The rest of the day was then spent having lunch at Hilton Labriz and plunging into the clear warm waters surrounding this beautiful isle.