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The Seychelles

Your exclusive Indian Ocean hideaway, a sumptuous and secluded escape from the stresses of daily life.

In the heart of Seychelles, we have created an exceptional destination, where unashamed luxury, bespoke service and a generous all-inclusive offering combine to give you exceptional privacy and exclusivity in your tropical home from home.

At the same time as perfecting the barefoot luxury approach to luxury beach holidaying – often copied but never bettered – we have also embarked on an ambitious programme to restore North Island to its original natural glory, a haven for endangered endemic species as well as for people seeking an ocean paradise where a holistic approach to your wellness ensures an authentic and romantic experience from the moment you arrive.

Cradled in a bowl formed by three granite peaks, the luminous white beaches, lush forest, and waving palms of North Island offer a peerless and exquisite venue for the perfect island honeymoon or family holiday.


NB: Starting 1st August 2023, Tourism Environmental Levy fee chargeable per person per night payable directly at the property

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THE rooms

Beachfront Villa




Set along East Beach, each of our ten Beachfront Villas offer total privacy, direct beach access and views of the magnificent Indian Ocean. The open-plan layout and ample space invites you to move and breathe a little deeper. Each villa is a harmonious blend of effortlessness and designer consideration. A sensory interplay of natural materials, tactile finishes, artisanal furniture and fittings.

Villa North Island




Discover Villa North Island: the quintessential in privacy and seclusion. A 750 sqm expanse spread over multi-tiered levels that cascade through a coconut grove to the beach. It provides an array of intimate spaces where you can feel at home, bathed in luxury. Make your most romantic memories together here over private alfresco dinners, lazy sunset swims, and unhurried beach adventures.

HOTEL facilities

Island Piazza
The Piazza is the focal point of North Island, centred on an ancient Indian almond tree. The bar and dining area offer 360˚ views giving you the impression of having the forest and granite outcrops immediately behind you, and the powdery beach and turquoise ocean in front of you.

Under the shade of a takamaka tree, the dining experience extends onto East Beach – a favourite nesting site for hawksbill turtles. The Piazza is so interwoven into the island ecosystem that turtles have been observed to nest on the beach as guests have been enjoying lunch.

Eating at the Piazza is just one of many options on North Island. In keeping with their renowned dining philosophy, you can meet with the chef and have him create your own meal based on your specific requirements. Your North Island food experience can be arranged and enjoyed anywhere on the island.

Daily suggestions from the chef, inspired by the finest seasonal produce and ingredients, allow you to eat whatever you fancy, and give the chefs’ imaginations free rein as they are inspired by the colours, textures and flavours of Seychelles and the world beyond.

Wine Cellar
The wine cellar houses a comprehensive selection of fine wines carefully selected by their sommelier to complement the flavours of North Island’s distinctive cuisine. The wine list includes some of the world’s top wines and vintages.

The Library is contained in a light and airy coral block building, which harks back to North Island’s history as a copra plantation. With a comprehensive selection of books and resources, you can either relax or learn more about the history and ecology of Seychelles in your own time. The library also serves as a museum for artefacts discovered during the construction phase of the island, including an impressive anchor found just offshore, and believed to come from Anacleto Gomez’s clipper which was wrecked off North Island in the late 18th century.

The boutique offers a range of gifts, jewellery, and designer swimwear thoughtfully curated to provide all the stylish accessories you need for your beach lifestyle.

Dive Centre
The Dive Centre, like the library, is an original coral block building from the days of the copra plantation. Full PADI tuition and certification is offered. Expert Seychellois dive masters with intimate knowledge of the local reefs and the very best dive spots, plus state of the art SCUBA equipment, make for a memorable dive experience.

The dive centre features indoor and outdoor changing areas and showers, displays about the natural history of the waters of the island, and a typically warm North Island welcome from dive master Daniel and his team.

Also on offer is a range of other options for exploring the calm, crystal-clear waters around North Island, including kayaking, paddle-boarding, snorkelling and even kite-surfing.

Exotic and rare, the Spa on North Island is a holistic journey of visual and textural contrasts, arousing the senses, rejuvenating the mind, body and soul. The Spa is a place of exquisite natural beauty and timeless relaxation.

On arrival at North Island, each guest can enjoy a complimentary welcome treatment and every treatment begins with a famous “barefoot ritual” designed to soothe away the stresses of travel, and allow you to slip seamlessly into island mode. A full menu of treatments is available, either at the Spa, with its stunning views down over granite boulders to the glittering ocean below or in the privacy of your own villa for ultimate convenience and relaxation.

For the more energetic, the gym (located just below the Spa) provides state-of-the-art Technogym equipment.

Main pool
A short stroll from the Piazza through whispering palm trees brings you to the main 45 m vanishing pool, a sinuous ribbon of water whose colours match those of the ocean (which it overlooks) and beaches. The shape of the pool was suggested by a meander between coconut palms and the granite boulders which give shape and substance to this ethereal island.

West Beach Bar
Just as Spa Hill overlooking East Beach provides sublime sunrise views for early risers, so the bar at West Beach is the perfect place to end the day, sipping on a cool cocktail prepared by the North Island bartenders, as the tropical sun slips below the horizon.

But the day doesn’t end at sunset – the relaxed ambience at West Beach extends to the delicious bar snacks prepared over a charcoal fire or mouth-watering tapas selections as the waving fronds of coconut palms perfectly frame the warm hues of the dusky sky.

Or why not spend the entire evening at West Beach, enjoying an al fresco seafood barbecue before the atmospheric drive home on your electric golf buggy – just watch out for Brutus and friends in the road!

Environmental Centre
A unique part of the North Island offering is the opportunity to engage with their team of resident environmentalists who can enhance your experience by explaining in more detail their ongoing rehabilitation efforts to restore North Island to its original, pristine natural state at the same time as offering a world-leading island hideaway.

East Beach
Every villa has direct, discreet access to the Island’s main beach, a ribbon of gleaming sand which runs almost the entire length of the island from the Piazza to Villa North Island.

Honeymoon Beach
One of the world’s most romantic beaches, thanks to its private location in a curve of the rocks. The ideal place for a long, lazy afternoon reconnecting.

AVAILABLE activities

On land, in or under the water, North Island offers a diverse range of all-inclusive activities. Cycling along cool, shady forest trails creates a sense of tropical exploration; snorkelling or diving in the warm seas reveal the biodiversity of reef life; sea-kayaking, fishing expeditions or even kite-surfing can exhilarate you in your most active moods.

Scuba diving and Snorkelling
Housed in a historic coral building near the Piazza, North Island’s Dive Centre offers full PADI tuition and certification. Expert Seychellois divemasters with intimate knowledge of the local reefs and the very best dive spots, plus state of the art SCUBA equipment, make for a memorable dive experience.

Snorkeling in the Indian Ocean just off North Island allows you to glide along the line where the sky meets the sea, giving you a dolphin’s eye view down through the warm-crystal clear waters to the inshore reefs below – a unique perspective on remarkable marine coral and fish biodiversity.

Tranquil inshore seas are perfect for drifting with the gentle currents, and you can immerse yourself completely in a vibrant undersea world. Spend time with a passing turtle as the hustle and bustle of reef life continues just beneath you, with schools of fish occasionally darting this way and that as they detect your shadow.

Full Day Excursions (optional extra)
Full day excursions on board their fully-equipped boats offer the opportunity to experience some of the other stunning islands in the Seychelles archipelago and provide an echo of the age of seafarers and explorers who helped shape the history of this country.

Sunset Cruise
An evening cruise complete with an Indian Ocean sunset is the perfect way to bookend your North Island day.

Each villa has two quality bicycles, inviting you to explore the island at your own pace, in search of tortoises or a place at the Piazza bar.

Island Buggies
Each villa also has an electric island buggy, allowing you to cruise effortlessly and silently along the island’s sandy tracks and reach West Beach bar or Honeymoon Beach.

The waters off North Island offer excellent chances of a good catch, followed by a delicious meal – and nothing tastes better than your own fresh-caught sushi or char-grilled tuna steak!

Guided Nature Walks
Accompany one of the resident environmentalists for a guided walk on the plateau or a hike up the granite peaks for the best views of North Island, learning along the way about their Noah’s Ark island rehabilitation programme, the indigenous wildlife of Seychelles, and maybe meeting a tortoise too.

Water Activities
Sea-kayaks, stand up paddle boards and long-boards are also available for you to explore the calm waters around the Island, and for adrenaline junkies, kite-surfing is now also on offer.

Begin each day on North Island with our all-inclusive morning yoga sessions to relax and revitalise both body and soul. Catering to yoga novices and addicts alike, our trained instructors quietly assess your level of expertise and adjust the pace of the class accordingly. They’ll help you reset your mind, “clear the air”, and return from your holiday feeling refreshed.

Kids on North Island
North Island is the perfect playground for kids and the young at heart of all ages. The natural beauty, pirate history, and sense of space will liberate your kids’ imaginations and sense of fun as they explore the island. North Island generous spaces provide an ideal venue for multi-generational family holidays, giving you all the chance to reconnect on a deeper level. Their dedicated Beach Buddy programme for younger guests ensures your children will enjoy their stay just as much as you will.

North Island has a rich human and natural history, and evening presentations in the Library and on the beach can provide further insights into the Island’s compelling stories, conservation initiatives and their vision for the future.

Picnics on North Island
North Island boasts many locations for the perfect beach picnic – choose from any of our four pristine, powder-white beaches. For the ultimate privacy, book Honeymoon Beach and you can call this gorgeous beach your own for the day. ‘The Picnic Spot’, located on West Beach, is also available on an exclusive basis. Swim, snorkel and soak up the Seychelles’ sun, while we arrange the rest.

OUR services

In-villa service
Your villa attendant performs the role of butler discreetly yet attentively and is on call 24/7 to provide drinks, snacks, or the complete in-villa dining experience.