Activities / Moutya Night Experience at Cap Lazare Nature Reserve

Days of Operation:
Alternate Thursdays
3 Hours
All year round
Minimum Pax:

Get ready for the upcoming Moutya Night experience at Cap Lazare Nature Reserve, where we’ll be celebrating the vibrant Seychellois Creole culture. Join us for an enchanting evening featuring traditional activities like coconut dehusking and coconut milk-making, as well as a delightful array of local foods and snacks.

The highlight of the night will be the captivating live band and dancer performances, showcasing traditional dances like the moutya, sega, and kanmtole. Stay tuned for more updates as we prepare to immerse you in the cultural tapestry of Seychelles.

  • Welcome into the Traditional Creole Village Step into the vibrant world of Creole culture at Cap Lazare Private Nature Reserve. Enjoy a warm welcome amidst the traditional Creole village atmosphere, where anticipation fills the air.
  • Partake in Local Flavours with a Local Welcome Drink Savor the unique flavors of Seychellois heritage with a taste of locally-sourced juice and Toddy (Kalou), setting the tone for the evening ahead.
  • Creole Cultural Heritage Demonstrations Engage in traditional Seychellois culture, from coconut de-husking to grating, marveling at the Cap Lazare team’s expertise. You can also choose to go visit the free roaming Giant Tortoise Park with our expert Guide.
  • Demonstration of a Traditional Culinary Activity Delve into Creole cuisine with a nougat-making demonstration by our skilled chef, showcasing cultural significance and rich flavors.
  • Serving of Creole Tapas. Indulge in Creole-inspired tapas made from locally-sourced ingredients .
  • Calling of the Bonfire Gather around the crackling bonfire as the sun sets, embracing the warmth and rhythmic beats for an unforgettable evening.
  • Live Moutya Performance Experience the pulsating rhythm of Moutya, a traditional Seychellois dance, as performers share tales of heritage through music and dance.
  • End of Event Program Bid farewell to Moutya Night, leaving with cherished memories of cultural enrichment and contributions to Cap Lazare’s conservation and sustainability efforts.
  • Creole tapas & welcome drink
  • Live cultural demonstrations
  • Visit of Giant Tortoise Park
  • Live Moutya Dance performance around bonfire
  • Casual chic clothing
  • Comfortable shoes (preferably flat)
  • Camera
  • Mosquito Repellant
  • Cash / Card for additional drinks
  • Welcoming of Guests into Creole Village & Serving Welcome Drinks
  • Creole Cultural Heritage Demonstrations
  • Culinary Culinary Tradition Showcase: Making Nougat
  • Guided Visit of Giant Tortoise Park
  • Serving Creole Tapas & ‘Zanmalak‘ Punch
  • Lighting of Beach Bonfire
  • Live Moutya Performance
  • End of Event Program

Itinerary and / or timings are subject to change without prior notice for circumstances beyond the control of CREOLE Travel Services.

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